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Engineering Services

Whether a Retaining Wall, Fence, Shop or Storage, Residence or Business

JB has over 30 years of experience in our local area engineering various types of structures—residential to commercial—and use of all types of construction materials. Works closely with home and business owners, architects, and construction companies to provide the best design for structural code requirements. Takes pride in staying current with the latest and ever-changing building codes and regulations and attends the monthly International Code Compliance Meeting with the Planning and Building Dept of Shasta County, Cities of Redding and Shasta Lake

Services Provided

Full range of structural design and special inspections as required by building department

Innovative and practical designs for your custom home or commercial project

On-site project consultations

Building project structural calculations for plan submittals

Complete construction detail drawings of structural connections

Interior and exterior remodels

Additions and alterations to existing homes and structure outbuildings

Retrofit of existing structures for seismic code requirements

We work closely with Building Departments to get As-Built Plans permitted.

Combining the use and connection of different building materials such as wood timbers to steel or masonry we can help you through your project.

We can give you concrete advice on all your structural needs.

Whether a Retaining Wall or a CMU Wall/ Fence, Shop or Storage, Residence or Business,

We Have You Covered

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